Our Story

Founded in 1993 by the husband and wife team of Dr. Rolando B. Hortaleza and Dra. Rosalinda Ang-Hortaleza, hbc started with only six (6) inherited stores from Dr. Hortaleza’s parents. The young couple was in the infancy stages of their manufacturing firm when they’ve decided to add one more store for a total of 7 start-up stores and gave it a new modern name hbc or Hortaleza Beauty Center. Selling initially nail care products like cuticle remover and nail polish to freelance manicuristas, it became famous for selling salon accessories and tools on top of its reliable sharpening service.

In 2002, new images stores were launched while aggressive expansion in the country was undertaken. This was also the year when hbc launched its own brands, called Beauty Exclusives, a collective name for its private labels starting at 4 brands and 100 SKUs. The then Hortaleza Beauty Centre is now known as hbc, Inc., a multi-billion company ranking among the top 700 corporations in the Philippines, believes that its success secret lies in the sincere vision of giving everyone the right to be beautiful.

Adding to its over 200 stores nationwide, hbc has acquired SaveMore Drug in 2011, to address the healthcare needs of its customers. The then SaveMore Drug is now known as ShopMore, a tradename for all of our community-based grocery stores, which carries a wide assortment of personal care products, and a bigger convenience section.


Our Vision

We shall be the leading innovative world-class retailer of health, beauty, personal and home care products and services with the best value, giving every customer the right to be beautiful.

Our Mission

With the guidance of God Almighty we commit ourselves to consistently exceed customer expectations by:


• Providing new and exciting products exclusive to our channels

• Offering the widest selection of high quality health, beauty, personal and home care products

• Creating an employee mindset that the customer is our hero and reason for being


Description of Our Mission

We will dominate the Philippine retail industry by achieving the highest return on investment. Our innovative products will define our competitive advantage and strengthen our image as "The Home of Beauty and Color."

We will maintain the highest standard of excellence, creativity and integrity among our employees and in all our business dealings. We will ensure the improvement of the quality of life of our employees and their dependents, our business partners and the community.

Our Core Values

• Honesty & Integrity

• Sense of Belonging

• Pioneering & Innovative

• Productivity and Excellence

• Customer Satisfaction

• Social Responsibility

• Faith in God Almighty