Giving everyone the right to be beautiful.

Free Makeover Services*

Our Makeover Zone provides free facial service, diamond peel, hair color application, foot spa, makeup application, and eyebrow shaping with a minimum purchase of hbc brands. What better way to pamper a valued customers than to give them the appropriate services and the right to look good inside and out before leaving the store.

hbc Brands are available in our stores

hbc is the leading manufacturer and distributor of health, beauty, personal and home care products specifically formulated for you – from head to toe! Only in hbc can you find these popular brands: San San Cosmetics, Hortaleza Professional, HP Vibrance, Body Recipe, Hortaleza M.D., Allue My First, Cleanxone, Biopure, Fragrance, and hbc Essentials.

Our products right within your reach

Discover how accurately you will be able to decide on what products to buy if the merchandise is right within your reach. The modern ambiance of our stores blends well with our own products that you can see, feel and smell for a better shopping experience. Unlike the more old-fashioned, glass-encased cabinet displays of other stores, hbc’s modern layout brings products right to your fingertips. It surely helps in choosing the right products for yourself.

The Red Shopper's Icon and our New Heart Logo

The hbc seals of store quality – the Red Shopper’s Icon and the New Heart Logo. Products with the Red Shopper’s Icon or the New Heart Logo can deliver every customer’s expectation and standards.

The previous hbc Red Shopper logo with a shopping bag full of goodies embodies the special treatment every hbc customer deserves. Come 2013, we have reinvented the hbc logo, making it softer, cleaner, younger, and more vibrant. The new logo uses a stylized “B” and “heart” to represent the brand personality of “Beauty with a Heart”, a store that is caring, approachable and knows what the customer needs.

*To know which of our hbc branches offer a specific free makeover service, please contact hbc Customer Care at 984-5555 or (0918) 921-5520. You can also get in touch via